Platinum tier

Marcus Ryan Admin with 575 points

Gold tier

Ismar Lacevic with 131 points

Silver tier

Jacopo Losso with 104 points

Teemu Semi with 83 points

Elena Stefanatou with 81 points

Nathan Clos with 76 points

Lucia Martinez with 64 points


Huseyin R Demirhisar with 48 points

Keti Chikhladze with 44 points

Iro Tsagareishvili with 41 points

JP (Jacopo Piccagli) with 40 points

George Simongulashvili with 36 points

Irina - Paula Albu with 32 points

Davit Tsitskishvili with 30 points

Office A4W with 30 points

Janne Jormalainen with 29 points

Caroline Sai with 28 points

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