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    Teemu Semi

    EBAN Impact is the home for all EBAN members interested in impact investing and social entrepreneurship. The Community aims to raise awareness on impact investing, share best practices and build paths and partnerships between EBAN and other players in the impact investment space.

    Find out more here

    Natalia Costanzo

    Here we post all Impact events we are collaborating with.
    If you are interested in joining, please reply.
    Also, feel free to post any picture or comment on the event afterwards!

    Natalia Costanzo

    Here we post about most recent reports, research or projects about Impact Investing.
    Please feel free to share links and comments!

    Natalia Costanzo

    Here we post about next meetings, online and in person.
    The next one will be on March 31st 2023.
    You can join at this link:

    Natalia Costanzo

    Here we post about investments .
    Please, feel free to publish your questions and comments about suggestions you need!

    Natalia Costanzo

    The EBAN Impact Summit and GALACTICA Final event took place on 16th and 17th February in Barcelona and it was a success!

    Read more about the event at this link: https://www.eban.org/galactica-final-event-and-eban-impact-summit-a-breathtaking-finale-to-the-groundbreaking-galactica-project/

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